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Streaming Video

Resource for LMU community on using Streaming Video for instruction.

Using Streaming Content for Synchronous Teaching

A Note on Streaming Materials through Zoom or other video-conferencing platforms:

While streaming through the "screen-capture" functionality in Zoom or other video-conferencing platforms may seem like an adequate replacement for in-classroom screenings of video materials, this method is not recommended by the Library and will likely result in poor audio and video quality for students viewing the material. Additionally, some streaming platforms apply copyright protection and encryption to their content which disables any images or sound being shared between screens.

For "in-classroom screenings" conducted via Zoom or other video-conferencing platforms, the recommended procedure is to direct students to view materials on their own, in a separate window and with their Zoom audio muted, and then return to the main meeting for discussion, analysis, etc. With resources like KANOPY, SWANK, AVON, etc., share permalinks with students either via videoconference chat or your courses' BRIGHTSPACE page and have them watch on their own screens as opposed to streaming through video capture.

Streaming Video Databases @ LMU