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Streaming Video

Resource for LMU community on using Streaming Video for instruction.

What is Streaming Video?

Streaming video is content delivered to a computer via an internet connection. Unlike video downloads, streaming video plays almost immediately after the viewer hits "play", and doesn't require a copy of the file to be downloaded. The streaming media collection provides instant access and simultaneous viewing of educational programming.  All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a computer or mobile device that meets the minimum technical requirements. 

Titles from these collections may be shown in the classroom, embedded within a course, viewed at home or on mobile devices. 

All streaming videos in the Hannon Library's media collection are purchased or licensed content, limited to authorized LMU students, faculty, and staff.  Distributors use a variety of hosting systems and platforms. If you have any problems with the streaming video, please contact Rhonda Rosen at or (310)338-4584

Kanopy Streaming Video Database

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video service for libraries and educational institutions that provides library users, students, faculty  and staff access to a large collection of films. Due to the exceedingly high cost, Kanopy titles will only be used for instruction, learning, and research for all LMU students and faculty.

LMU pays for Kanopy films on a per-title basis. Under our current model, the first three uses of a film are free, but the fourth use triggers a one-year license for that film.

Films that we license remain available on the Kanopy platform for a one-year license period. Because those end dates will vary, there is the possibility that a previously licensed film will be removed from the catalog and unavailable on Kanopy at the end of the license term. See below for how to request we (re)license a Kanopy film or provide it by other means.

What do I do to get a film for a course I’m teaching?

Fill out this form so that we can review your film request(s). We will be asking you every November about what films you might need for Spring semester, and every April for the Summer and Fall. We will do our best to acquire as many requests as possible in streaming format, but will prioritize films that are required for student viewing. 
Contact Rhonda Rosen at or (310) 338-4584 as soon as possible. She will investigate options, including licensing the film on Kanopy.

What if you cannot fill my streaming video request?

Will titles be ever removed from Kanopy?

  • Films that have not been licensed may be removed from the library catalog; this could include a title that was watched in part but not enough times to get licensed. If a Kanopy film has “disappeared” that you want for classroom or research use please contact Rhonda Rosen at or (310) 338-4584 to discuss access options.
  • Other titles may still be in the catalog or on the Kanopy site, but no longer available to stream on demand. If you get a Kanopy form saying that the title can be requested, please complete the form as soon as possible as it will take several working days to provide access. Questions? Contact Rhonda Rosen at or (310) 338-4584.

Using Kanopy through Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL)

Kanopy is available from the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) with a LAPL library card. LAPL cards are available to all residents of California and all residents of Los Angeles can apply for an E-Card online. Please note that the LAPL Kanopy collection is not identical to the LMU collection and that LAPL allows a maximum of 10 videos per month. Kanopy users who access the service using the Kanopy app, such as those using Kanopy from their TVs, will need to configure their app to switch to the LAPL collection.