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Spanish Philosophy: Background Info

A guide to the philosophers from what are now Spain and Portugal, once known as Hispania, and later by names of individual regions (Aragon, Al-Andalus, Catalonia, Castile, etc.)

The Plan

Found an idea, question, or text to work on? 

  • Start with getting a good overview by checking your topic in reference titles, including subject dictionaries, subject encyclopedias and handbooks, whether print or online.  
  • Check for a couple of the books and articles in the suggested readings or bibliographies of the Reference books by entering them in LINUS or the Journal List.  See what subject headings or descriptors are attached to those items, and use them to explore the catalog and periodical indexes further, narrowing or expanding the topic as necessary with the more focused vocabulary you accumulate as you search. 
  • Supplement with online material linked to by expert lists and directories, and with further searches in LINUS and LINK+ for books, and periodical indexes and content databases.

That's called "Getting Started".   The rest of your work, whether systematic and organized, the result of deep thought, a series of epiphanies, or pure serendipity, will sit on the firm foundation you have created.

OxBridge HandPanions

Good places to look for individual philosophers and philosophical and historical schools of thought:

Cambridge Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture

Individual volumes on philosophers from (alphabetically) Abelard to Wittgenstein.  Available online and in print.

Oxford Handbooks Online: Philosophy

Handbooks on 35 discrete philosophicall areas, from Aesthetics to World Philosophy.  Some also available in print.


Reference Sources: Examples

Examples of titles LMU holds.  Note: feel free to evaluate the sources you use by assigning a star rating.  Or send me comments.

REF: Individual Philosophers & Schools

REF: Historical

Electronic Reference Sources

You can access a list of our electronic Reference tools for a wide variety of topics using LINUS.  Besides individual reference works, there are clusters of tools searchable from one site. Examples of multi-title online reference sites:

REF: World Philosophies