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Spanish Philosophy: Books

A guide to the philosophers from what are now Spain and Portugal, once known as Hispania, and later by names of individual regions (Aragon, Al-Andalus, Catalonia, Castile, etc.)

Request books from other libraries: LINK+

               LMU ILLiad

 LINK+ is a consortial group of over 40 academic and public libraries throughout California and Nevada. Using your MyLMU login name and password, you can request LINK+ books when LMU does not own a copy or when our book is checked out. Books are delivered to LMU at no charge and arrive within 3 to 4 business days. Read more...

If LINK+ does not have the book you want, LMU folk can use ILLIAD to obtain the book from a library outside the LINK+ system.  The waiting period is longer (one to three weeks), and renewals are not always possible.

Suggestion: Start your research early, so you have time to take advantage of LINK+ and ILLIAD!




Capitoline Museum, Rome


photo: T. Amodeo 2010

Find Books at LMU

LINUS is the Library's catalog. Use it to find books, E-books, videos and other materials that LMU owns or has on reserve.  Use the dropdown to change the kind of search you want to do (see boxes at left for explanations of Keyword vs. Subject searches).

Electronic Monographs: ebrary and e-books

 The Library subscribes to a good number of e-books.  Besides the electronic Reference materials listed on the Background Information page, we subscribe to monographs (single books) and anthologies (collections of essays) supplied by outside vendors.  The majority of these books come from ebrary, a large number from EBSCOhost's eBook Academic Collection, and a lesser number coming from other vendors and book publishers.

All e-books are cataloged in LINUS, searchable by author, title, subject and keyword.  They will be described as "electronic resource".  You can just click on the link in LINUS to get the contents of the book.  You'll need your MyLMU information.

With many e-books, you can use the table of contents and the index, just as you would for narrowing your search in a print book.  Often, the chapter titles in the table of contents are links that will take you directly to the chapter or page indicated.  Using the Index, you can copy the page number into the "go to" box and go directly there.

Investigate registering for a personal account in these softwares.  In ebrary, for example, you can highlight a passage, or create a note for that page; in either case, the software stores the page in your own little library 'bookshelf', so you can get back to that passage or page later, just by clicking on the highlighted excerpt in your personal 'bookshelf'.  You can create folders for different topics/classes/papers, and just get back to the books you've used with a click.

For detailed information about using, downloading and printing from our collection of e-books, see the Ebook LibGuide at .

eBook Academic Collection (EBSCOhost)

This growing subscription package contains a large selection of multidisciplinary eBook titles representing a broad range of academic subject matter. There are more than 121,000 eBooks in this package, including titles from leading university presses .

Besides the usual searches (title, author, subject, etc.), a keyword search will search for the term within the full-text of books, and show a list of short excerpts from the pages where the term appears.  You can then click on a link to that page.

Example: A subject search for Philosophy showed over 8700 hits; Philosophy as a keyword found over 12,000. Searching Santayana and phenomenology  displayed the three 'most relevant' pages with both terms, or one of the terms repeated several times, with a link to each page.  Below this appears the table of contents for the book, each chapter title a link, and some having links for each subsection.

Explore and have fun!

Keyword Searches

Make a good guess and search by Keyword. You can narrow down too many results by combining your first word or phrase with another word or phrase, using AND as the connector. For example:

Featured Resource

This series of monographs includes bilingual scholarly editions of the texts of important essays, treatises and books of many bright lights and theorists of the Italian Renaissance, such as Marsilio Ficino, Leon Alberti, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Lorenzo Valla, and Pietro Bembo.

Portrait of a Philosopher

Miguel de Unamuno  1925

Photographer: Anonymous

Source: Wikipedia Commons