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Implementing the Information Literacy Tutorial in Your First Year Seminar

Practical advice and how-to information for incorporating the information literacy tutorial, The Lion's Guide To Research And The Library, in your first year seminar course.

Sample FYS Syllabi

The resources below can help you construct your FYS syllabus with information about the tutorials and learning outcomes. 

Note: Quizzes are no longer included in the tutorial. Please update the text description accordingly.

Assigning Information Literacy for 10% of Course Grade

FYS Faculty and Instructors are encouraged to integrate the Information Literacy Tutorial into their grading schema. Your ITA can help you set up the grading in Brightspace and explain weighted options. Here are few ways to use the modules grading:

Option A: Using Subtotal

Allow the points scored on the modules to count toward the student’s grade in Brightspace. Course editors can use the "Subtotal" of the Information Literacy Tutorial category as the student grade. In Brightspace, login and view Grades > Enter Grades. The "Subtotal" column next the the last module (FA_ Module) is the sum of all modules for the students. Use this points schema or percentage as 10% of final grade.

Note: this subtotal does not count empty grades against the student.

Option B: Pass/Fail

The faculty member can assign the modules as pass/fail. The library is recommending 75% or above as the threshold for passing. In Brightspace, login and view Grades > Enter Grades. Look at each module column to determine if student receives credit.

Option C: Modules with Other Participation

Assign each of the 4 sections as separate homework assignments. Have students complete modules sequentially over time. Scores in Brightspace count as 5% of course grade. The remaining 5% of Information Literacy course grade is defined through custom, course specific information literacy assignment graded by FFYS Faculty member and/or writing instructor.

The Tutorial on Brightspace

The tutorial modules are updated and loaded into each FFYS course before the semester begins. All of the modules that make up the full tutorial can be found in a section titled “Table of Contents” in each FFYS course site. Modules can be organized by weekly topics or sections as needed.


FFYS modules listed in contents of Brightspace course


It is recommended that faculty do not copy past tutorials into their new course since the most up to date tutorials will be loaded by the Instructional Design Librarian. If tutorials are copied by accident, please contact the Instructional Design Librarian ( to remove the tutorials as they need to be removed in a specific way.  

You can also watch the video below to learn how to delete old or duplicate tutorials on Brightspace.