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Implementing the Information Literacy Tutorial in Your First Year Seminar

Practical advice and how-to information for incorporating the information literacy tutorial, The Lion's Guide To Research And The Library, in your first year seminar course.

What is the Academic Honesty Tutorial?

The Academic Honesty Tutorial is a standalone module created to introduce first-year students to LMU's Academic Honesty Policy. The Academic Honesty Tutorial's content is developed by the Committee on Excellence in Teaching and managed by the Instructional Design Librarian at William H. Hannon Library. The tutorial outlines several concepts and terms:

  • Understanding Academic Integrity
    • Cheating
    • Fraud
    • Plagiarism
  • Being Academically Honest
    • Strategies for maintaining academic honesty 
    • Common Knowledge
    • Paraphrasing, summarizing, direct quotes
  • Understanding and Reading Citations
    • ​Bibliographic information
    • ​Purdue Owl

The tutorial includes a informational section on each concept and most terms, as well as example practice questions and quiz questions designed to reinforce ideas of academic honesty and scholarly conduct. For more information about the tutorial's content:

How is the Academic Honesty Tutorial Implemented?

The Academic Honesty Tutorial is included in every First Year Seminar (FFYS or FYS) course and Rhetorical Arts course (RHET) at LMU. FFYS courses use the Brightspace course management system. The Academic Honesty Tutorial is listed in the "Contents" of every FFYS Brightspace course space. Students should complete the tutorial within the first 3 weeks of the academic semester

Academic Honest Tutorial in FYS Course

How Is The Academic Honesty Tutorial Graded?

The Academic Honesty Tutorial includes practice and quiz questions that add up to 80 points total. The tutorial will report the percentage correct from the latest student attempt. However, the tutorial is an ungraded activity in every FFYS and RHET course. Instructors can see the grades students receive but this grade IS NOT included in the final grade calculations. The Academic Honesty Tutorial can be viewed in the "Grades" section in Brightspace:

Tutorial Points

  • Section One: Understanding Academic Integrity
    • Multiple Choice: 6 quiz questions (6 questions x 5 points each = 30 points)
    • Pick One: 1 quiz question (1 question x 5 points = 5 points)
    • Matching Drop-down: 1 quiz question (1 question x 5 points = 5 points)
  • Section Two: Being Academically Honesty
    • Multiple Response: 1 quiz question (1 question x 5 points = 5 points)
    • Matching Drop-down: 1 quiz question (1 question x 5 points = 5 points)
    • Pick One: 1 quiz question (1 question x 5 points = 5 points)
  • Section Three: Understanding and Reading Citations
    • Matching Drop-down: 4 quiz questions [(3 questions x 5 points) + (1 question x 10 points) = 25 points] 

= 80 points total

screenshot of academic honesty in grades section of brightspace course

Contact for Academic Honesty Tutorial

For technical assistance and support, contact Darlene Aguilar:

For questions and concerns on content, contact the CET.