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Implementing the Information Literacy Tutorial in Your First Year Seminar

Practical advice and how-to information for incorporating the information literacy tutorial, The Lion's Guide To Research And The Library, in your first year seminar course.

Welcome to First Year Seminar (FFYS or FYS)

First Year Seminar (FYS) designed to introduce first year students to the spirit of academic excellence and intellectual rigor that guides the community of scholars at Loyola Marymount University. 

As a FYS faculty or writing instructor, you are asked to do incorporate the Information Literacy Tutorial into your course and assign at least 10% of your course grade on the basis of information literacy as outlined in the FYS course criteria.

FYS Outcomes include:

  • Understand and appreciate the intellectual rigor and academic excellence that defines an LMU education.
  • Engage critically and reflectively in scholarly discourse.
  • Learn to read critically and carefully.
  • Exercise critical thinking in oral discussion and writing.
  • Be able to evaluate sources for quality (e.g., by learning to differentiate between scholarly and popular sources).
  • Acquire research skills including use of the library catalog and electronic databases to retrieve books or articles, whether in print or online.

Note: Academic Honesty is NOT included in the First Year Seminar Information Literacy tutorial. This requirement is now administered by the Committee on Teaching In Excellence. For more information, see the Academic Honesty Tutorial.

Project Cora



CORA (Community of Online Research Assignments) is a pilot open access educational resource developed for faculty and librarians in higher education. It aspires to become a repository of user- contributed research and information literacy assignments.