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RHET 1000: Rhetorical Arts

Rhetorical Arts: Speaking & Writing for Social Justice

What You Need for 60-minute Library Sessions (In-person classes)

Agenda: During the library session for RHET 1000 we will: 

  • Discuss how to get help
  • Discuss RADAR
  • Provide a tour of the RHET 1000 LibGuide
  • OneSearch+ demo
  • Complete the Finding Sources activity and discussion

Finding Sources Activity Instructions and Links

Task: Compete the Finding Sources Activity (Google Form)

Individually, complete and submit the Finding Sources Activity. During the activity you will need to use the OneSearch database to find one scholarly/academic source that contains current research on your topic.

Feel free to View the Results once you submit the form to view all your peers' responses.

Library Session Feedback

Additional Resources