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This guide will help you use the web mapping tool SimplyAnalytics.

Citing SimplyAnalytics

If you create maps and reports in SimplyAnalytics and incorporate them in a research paper, poster, or PowerPoint presentation, you will need to cite the information. There are many different citations styles so check the OWL guide for formatting.

If you are not sure of the name and date of the variable you are using, you can View Metadata. Refer to Where can I find more information about a specific data variable FAQ

To cite a map in APA style:

SimplyAnalytics (Year). Map with Vendor Title of data set Year of data. Retrieved Date, from SimplyAnalytics database.

To cite data in APA style:

SimplyAnalytics (Year)Vendor Title of data set Year of data. Retrieved Date, from SimplyAnalytics database.


(Year) is the current year as SimplyAnalytics is continuously updated.

Vendor is listed in the Vendor field. Example: EASI

Title of data is the title outlined in your variable's metadata information under "Data Source"

Year of Data is the year outline in the "Name" section of the variable metadata

For more on citing SimplyAnalytics, see the Royal Roads University libguide.

Here is an example of a SimplyAnalytics variable entry:

screenshot of average household income variable metadata

Now, the citation for this entry if accessed on January 30, 2018:

SimplyAnalytics (2018). EASI Census US Data 2016. Retrieved January 30th, 2018, from SimplyAnalytics database.

For more information see the SimplyAnalytics help page on citations.