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This guide will help you use the web mapping tool SimplyAnalytics.

Getting Started with SimplyAnalytics

You will need to create an account with SimplyAnalytics to use all of its features.

  1. Create an account in SimplyAnalytics:
  2. Walk through the SimplyAnalytics tutorial:
  • Login to Simply Analytics > Support > Intro to Simply Analytics video (5:12)
  • Login to Simply Analytics > Support > Replay Tutorial

Terms To Know

SimplyAnalytics includes many terms that are specific to data collection at the local, state, and national levels. These terms are from across various disciplines that may use SimplyAnalytics including Urban Studies, Economics, and Business. 

  • Quantile: unit in which is divided into equal-sized, adjacent, subgroups. A median is an example of a quantile
  • Block group: randomly chosen clusters of blocks of 600-3,000 people used as statistical divisions of census tracts
  • Category: similar subjects of data e.g. quality of life that will include variables affecting the human condition like murder, temperature, and earthquakes
  • Census data: quantitative information gathered by the U.S. Census surveys (over 130!) that include comprehensive housing, economic, social, and demographic statistics
  • Census tract:  geographic area roughly size of a neighborhood used explicitly in census taking usually outlines city limits or other administrative areas, made of block groups
  • “City” Block: geographic unit bounded by four streets
  • Variable: a characteristic of a person, place or thing expressed as a number or a category. SimplyAnalytics has a list of all variables here:​