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WGST 1100: Gender, Race, & Sexuality in Wikipedia

This guide will assist you in editing Wikipedia.

Article Types

Wikipedia articles can take many forms with differing content displays. The basic types include:

  • Biographical article: overview of single individuals or individuals noting birth/death, age, education, notability and status, and chronology. May link to various pages based on prestige, awards, titles, affilitations, etc. Example: Priyanka Chopra
  • Overview: summarizes broad topics, events, or organizations with links to sub-topics. Example: FeminismOutline pages
  • Outline pages: article links in an outline format. They show how important subtopics relate to each other, and can be useful as a more condensed, non-prose alternative to overview articles. Example: Human Sexuality

  • Timelines: list events chronologically, sometimes including links to articles with more detail. Example: Timeline of Counter-culture

  • Lists: mention items of a particular type one by one, including basic information and links to external articles. Example: History of LGBTQ in policing

Also inlcuded in Wikipedia are glossaries, books, spoken articles, third party classifications, and much more!

Every article generally includes:

  • introductory material or lead: brief phrase or paragraph introducing topic, sometimes called scope or overview. important info first.
  • table of contents: displays what is included in article by section heading
  • hierarchical headings with content paragraphs
    • first paragraph defines identifies topic
    • content grouped logically by sections
    • clear, consistent langauge and vocabulary
    • use redirects and handnotes to explain terms, translations, etc.
  • appendices and footnotes: links to other articles, relevant publications, notes about article
  • references/Cited Sources

For more help, see Wikipedia:

Possible Template Messages

Look out for these messages that explain what is needed to improve the page:

Needs Context and Linkages

Needs Verified Sources

screenshot of verified sources wikipedia message

Expand and Add with Multiple Issues

screenshot  wikipedia message about section issues

Missing Biographical Information

screenshot of wikipedia template message missing biographical information