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WGST 1100: Gender, Race, & Sexuality in Wikipedia

This guide will assist you in editing Wikipedia.

Editing Best Practices

Writing A Good Article:

  • No conflict of interest
  • Notable subject
  • Neutral point of view
  • At least three inline citations to reliable published sources.
  • Links to other articles

As You Edit, Remember To:

  • Review the Talk page
  • Always preview your changes (if using markup editor)
  • Don’t forget to add your signature
  • When in doubt, copy and paste (for formatting) from well-formed articles
  • Be bold!

Citation Needed


screenshot of citation hunt tool

Age of Consent Wikipedia article:

Resources for Editing Wikipedia

Let's close the gender gap in both content and participation on Wikipedia!  Here are some tools and a series of videos to get you started editing Wikipedia articles.

Getting Started 

Writing for Wikipedia

Tutorials and Wizards (Step by Step Guides)