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Television History

TV websites

Crazy About TV -brief descriptions of tv shows, tv show trivia, cast lists

ClassicTVHits -

TV by the Numbers -Viewership stats for current TV shows Timeline of the TV decades! -American Film Institute site. Although emphasis is on films, there is a television component.

Screen site -  The most complete site for information of an aca- demic nature related to film and television studies.

Television Resources - A listing of resources with links to individual sites. This was created by the Library of Congress. - One of the best sites for information on individual programs, such as episode guides (including summaries if supplied by users). Cast listing is often more complete than that in imdb.

TVGuide - An essential site for all kinds of information on television, including programs.

TV Line - A good source of criticism, news, spoilers, etc.

Zap2it - This oddly named site has hundreds of links to television shows. Excellent starting point for finding sites on specific programs.