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Art Therapy

Library resources for students in LMU's Marital and Family Therapy graduate program.
  • psycINFO (Art Therapy journals only, when necessary for first year assignments) 
  • psycINFO (all content) 
  • OneSearch (includes all books and ebooks of LMU library, as well as MFT theses) 
    • Use the limiter "Institutional Repositories Only" to select LMU art therapy theses.  
    • Uncheck the "LMU Has It" limiter. 
  • Specific databases from other or related disciplines ( for example Art Full Text, ERIC, Sociological Abstracts, PubMed) 
  • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses 
  • Google Scholar (best way to round up recent dissertations and theses that might not have been identified by OneSearch and ProQuest) 


After your first round of collecting sources in the literature, use the ones that are the most relevant and recent to do some citation chasing. Both psycINFO and Google Scholar list what other research has cited a publication.  


Literature from other disciplines: a large amount of relevant literature from disciplines other than art therapy and psychology will be discoverable with OneSearch. Unlike Google Scholar, you can use limiters in OneSearch to focus on discipline specific databases. On the other hand, there is an argument to be made for using those specific databases (PubMed, for example) in the first place. 


You may also wish to review the library guides (libguides) belonging to other, relevant disciplines. This will allow you to identify discipline-specific databases that you can then incorporate into second and third iterations of your lit review process.