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FFYS 1000: First Year Seminar

This guide will help you learn about the First Year Seminar course and the corresponding Information Literacy tutorial.


Common Questions and Problems:

Q. I clicked on the module but nothing happened/it didn’t open!

A:  The modules are designed to appear in your browser window. If module does not appear, make sure you are using the latest version of the Chrome browser. 

Q: My grade wasn’t recorded in the grade book!

A: Make sure to click the "Submit Grade" button at the end to submit your grade to the Brightspace gradebook. You also have the ability to print  or save a certificate of completion for each module that has the your name, grade, and the date of completion. This option is on the very last slide of each module. Save your certificate and submit to your Instructional Design Librarian, Darlene Aguilar, for grade entry.

Q: How many times can I take the module and quizzes?

A:  Modules can be completed an unlimited number of times. The last score is recorded in your Grades. 

Q: The tutorial froze and I couldn’t finish it!

A:  Make sure that you have followed the technical requirements listed at the beginning of each module

Q: The module said I got a question wrong, but I didn’t!

A: The modules have been tested thoroughly but sometimes the scoring functions doesn't work properly. If you feel you were scored incorrectly due to a technical issue, please contact the Instructional Design Librarian at

Q: The library catalog/research database isn’t loading in the module and I can’t complete the questions

A:  All of the slides that include a guided search in either the library catalog and a research database have links to open the appropriate URL in a new window. You can use this option as a workaround.

Q: The "Finding Articles" module isn't working properly

A:  For Module 4: Finding Articles, you must:

  • Use Google Chrome browser.
  • Make sure you login when asked to use the LMU databases.
  • To complete the Research Library basic search questions, you will need to click on the “open database in new window” links on every single page where there is a live search as seen below. Be sure to clear your search for every question to get the correct number of results.
  • You will also have the option to print a certificate of completion. Save all certificate until your grades have been recorded.