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BCOR 4910: Business Ethics & Sustainability

Welcome to BCOR 4910

Welcome to BCOR 4910

This library guide will assist you in locating and evaluating sources for your BCOR 4910: Business Ethics & Sustainability course. 

Business Ethics and Sustainability are at the heart of responsible and ethical business practices. You will delve into the critical intersection of business profitability and social responsibility. You'll explore how companies can maintain ethical standards, make sustainable decisions, and contribute positively to society and the environment while still achieving their goals.

This Library Guide is your one-stop hub for accessing a wealth of resources that will aid you in your studies. Here's what you can expect to find:

Key Concepts: Get a concise overview of essential concepts and terminology related to business ethics and sustainability.

Recommended Books: Discover a curated list of books that delve into the core principles of business ethics and sustainability.

Databases: Access databases containing scholarly articles, case studies, and reports that provide valuable insights into the subject.

Websites and Organizations: Explore external resources and organizations dedicated to promoting ethical business practices and sustainability.

Citation and Research Tips: Learn how to effectively research and cite sources for your assignments and projects.

Contact Information: Reach out to your business librarian for any assistance or questions you may have.

This Library Guide will be an invaluable tool as you navigate the complex and evolving world of business ethics and sustainability. Feel free to explore it at your convenience and don't hesitate to reach out if you need any further assistance.

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