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Art Therapy

Library resources for students in LMU's Marital and Family Therapy graduate program.

The LMU library has begun a pilot project to deliver library books needed by faculty and students in MFT Art Therapy. Please use the Request button in the library catalog to request a book for delivery to you. (Previously, the Request function paged a book to be picked up at the library front desk). If there is no equivalent e-book copy, the library staff will make arrangements with you for delivery of the book.

Please note that the amount of staff allowed in the library is extremely minimal at this time, so we have to ask that you be patient as we launch and work through this pilot project.

Thank you!

Library Resources for Art Therapy

Welcome! This guide was created to help LMU students and researchers find and use library resources in Art Therapy and related fields. Any feedback, questions, or suggestions are encouraged. 

The LibGuide is designed to work as a checklist. At the beginning, and again during your research, look for books, academic journal articles, and dissertations and theses to inform your literature reviews and other steps in your research process.

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Lit Review and Research Checklist

Use this checklist with the Art Therapy LibGuide. This is an iterative, cyclical process. 

After your first round of collecting sources in the literature, use the ones that are the most helpful and relevant to do some citation chasing. Both psycINFO and Google Scholar list who has cited a publication. 


Literature from other disciplines: a large amount of relevant literature from disciplines other than art therapy and psychology will be discoverable with OneSearch+. However, you may wish to review the libguides for other, relevant disciplines. This will allow you do identify discipline-specific databases that you can then incorporate into second and third iterations of your lit review process.

Other Art Therapy Resources

Writing Assistance

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers free writing consultations for students. Their experienced tutors can advise you at any stage in your writing process:

  • Search for scholarly sources
  • Organize your notes and plan your paper
  • Revise drafts for clarity and conciseness
  • Revise drafts for grammar and mechanical errors
  • Incorporate sources more effectively into your text
  • Use the correct documentation style  (APA style)

Please call the ARC at 310-338-2847 to set up an appointment.  (Ask for an APA tutor)

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