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A guide to the library's resources for students of history.

Source Slam! workshop link and prompt

  1. Go to the Source Slam spreadsheet at the link above
  2. Scroll down and find your name on the spreadsheet.
  3. Next to your name are links to three databases. Visit each database in turn, search on a topic, and carefully choose an item to use for your project. 

What to search? You might already have a topic in mind, but if not, here are topics related to your course syllabus:

  • Ming Dynasty trade and tribute
  • Jesuit missionaries in China or Japan
  • Meiji era Japan and Japanese identity or traditionalism

Zotero Workshop

Outcome: students will use Zotero to collect and share sources, and format citations for them.


1. Zotero introduction and demo of bibliography formatting.

2. Adding sources found in today's Source Slam to your Zotero library.

  • Make sure Zotero app is launched
  • Return to the Google sheet from our activity (link is above)
  • Use the permalink to go to the database record for the source
  • Use the Zotero connector to add the source to your Zotero

3. Sharing sources in groups

4. Troubleshooting 


You can find me during drop-in hours at library Info Desk: Tuesday 12pm - 3pm and Friday 9am - 12pm

We can also meet on Zoom or in person as our schedules allow: email at

Zotero Installation Doc (Word)

Zotero how-to videos