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Communication Studies

A research guide for students in the field of Communication Studies.

Finding the Full Text

Understand Your Citation: Examples for Books, Articles, and Chapters

Article in a journal: journal titles are often abbreviated.

Polis, G.A. (1981). The evolution and dynamics of intraspecific predation. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics, 12, 225-251.

Author: G.A. Polis

Date: 1981

Article Title: The evolution and dynamics of intraspecific predation

Journal Title: Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics

Journal Issue: 12

Page Numbers: 225-251


Hermann, H.R. (1982). Social insects. Academic Press.

Author: H.R. Hermann

Date: 1982

Book Title: Social Insects

Publisher: Academic Press

Chapter in a Book

Buskirk, J.W. & Uetz, G.W. (1982). Sociality in the arachnida. In H.R. Hermann (Ed.), Social Insects (pp. 281-367). Academic Press.

Authors: J.W. Buskirk and G.W. Uetz

Date: 1982

Article or Chapter Title: Sociality in the arachnida

Book Title: Social Insects

Book Editor: H.R. Hermann

Page Numbers: 281-367 

Publisher: Academic Press