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Theological Studies

Most Useful Places to Search for Books: Theological Studies

The best ways to find books in this subject area are to:

1) Search LINUS, the library catalog.

The library catalog has thousands of print books and e-books to help with your research. See "Find Books" below for more information. 


2) Search ATLA Religion Database.

ATLA Religion Database is a research database that has information about scholarly books, scholarly essays collected in books, scholarly book reviews, and journal articles. It's useful when you're looking for books, chapters, and articles on a topic all at once.

Once you find a book you want, search LINUS, the library catalog, to see if LMU has access to it.

Find Books in LINUS, the Library Catalog

Search LINUS, the library catalog

To find books, eBooks, videos and other materials that LMU owns or has on reserve.


How to: Searching the Linus Catalog Video

How to: Locating Books in the Library

Not in LINUS or LINK+? Fill out a book request form in ILLIAD* and have it delivered to LMU.

*Please note it can take up to three weeks for a book requested through ILLiad to arrive at LMU.

Where in the Library?

Books in Hannon Library are arranged by topic, according to the Library of Congress Classification System.  Religious studies and theology books are primarily in the Main Stacks on the 2nd floor in call numbers beginning with BL through BX.  Some are located in the 1st floor Reference Section.

Two-thirds of the library's books are in basement storage, so check LINUS, the library catalog, if you don't see what you need.


2nd floor layout

BL1 - 1060         Religion (general), relationships among religions & to other fields of study, history of religion

BL1100 - 1380   Hinduism, Jainism

BM       Judaism

BP        Islam

BQ       Buddhism

BR       Christianity

BS       The Bible

BT       Doctrinal Theology (Christian)

BV       Practical Theology (Christian)

BX       Christian Denominations