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Senior Information Literacy Test (created by LMU librarians)

Senior Test

Librarians designed and implemented a twenty-five question multiple-choice “Senior Information Literacy Test” using Qualtrics to measure designated information literacy and digital literacy learning outcomes. Questions were substantially revised from an earlier test implemented in 2016 designed to improve the validity and reliability of the questions. Eighty students in their last semester at the university were recruited to take the test. The test was designed to measure LMU’s five information literacy learning outcomes (derived from a combination of university-level and core curriculum program-level and course-level learning outcomes) consisting of conceptualizing a research strategy, evaluating information, locating and accessing information, selecting and using information to provide relevant evidence, and citing sources. Performance indicators were developed to measure these outcomes, and then test questions using multiple choice scenarios were developed that embodied the indicators. Some questions remained the same as in 2016 in order to compare the group of seniors who took that test, prior to the new core curriculum, with the group of seniors this year who were under the new core curriculum. Data analysis will be undertook in FY19.

Librarian Presentations & Publications

Archambault, Susan G. (2019, May). Brick by Brick: Building a Local Information Literacy Test. Presentation at the Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries Conference, Florence, Italy

Archambault, Susan G. (2018, September). Going Local: Designing a Homegrown Information Literacy Test for Your Own Institutional Context. Presentation at the European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), Oulu, Finland.