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Annotated Bibliographies: A Step by Step Guide

Learn how to create an annotated bibliography.

4. Selecting What to Include

  • Review what you have found in Step 3.
  • You should have collected more than the minimum required by your assignment. If not, do more Step 3.
  • Use RADAR to rank the sources you have found. For example, a book by a leading authority could get more points than a book by a first-time author.
  • It may also be acceptable to include sources with flaws, or that are so bad, people should be warned about them. This may depend on how your assignment is written.‚Äč


Remember the RADAR list when looking for good information:

Relevance (Is it pertinent to your search?)

Authority (What are the author's qualifications for this topic?)

Date  (How important for your purpose that it be current?)

Accuracy (Is the information correct? Does it agree with other sources?)

Rationale (What are the motivations behind the source? What biases are involved?)