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Learn how to use the free citation management software Zotero.

Create bibliography from collection

Zotero allows you to export individual citation items or whole collections for use in other documents. 

To export a collection:

From Zotero Desktop/Standalone

  1. Find the correct collection (or select individual items or multiple items in My Library using the Shift key)
  2. Right-click on the collection name (or grouped items) and choose "Create Bibliography from Collection"create a bibliography drop down manu
  3. Options on this page control how to use your list. You can:
    1. Choose the Citation Style
    2. Export either your notes from the items or the whole citation list 
    3. Save as a rich text format (RTF) which can be added to a document in Word or Pages
    4. Save as HTML, a web format
    5. Copy to clipboard and paste into another document BUT you will use the citation formatting
    6. Print to computer

create citation options screenshot from zotero


From Zotero Online (

  1. Find the correct collection
  2. Select the items you want to export (you can select all by checking the top box above the library list)select items from zotero online screenshot
  3. Select the citation list icon
    selected items to cite icon on zotero online
  4. A box will appear to let you choose a citation style and copy/paste your list text
  5. citing items pop up on zotero online

Video Instructions on Creating Bibliographies in Zotero