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Learn how to use the free citation management software Zotero.

Importing citations from other citation management systems

If you are switching to Zotero from another citation management software, you can easily import your previous library to you new Zotero library

You can also export the Zotero Library to another citation manager.

For EndNote users who would like to transfer their citations AND attached PDFs you can find the instructions here.

Using Zotero group libraries

You can use Zotero Group Libraries to collaborate with multiple people on a project and keep track of all of your sources in one convenient place.

STEP ONE: Create a new group

STEP TWO:  You will be automatically taken to the Zotero webpage and promted to sign in.

STEP THREE: After you log in you will be taken to the "Create a New Group" page.

STEP FOUR: Add group members


STEP FIVE: Invite your group members using their email address associated with their Zotero account.

STEP SIX: Set your group library settings

STEP SEVEN: Add items to your group library

Download and install the Zotero word processor plug-in

Word processor plugins allow you to insert citations and bibliographies directly into your documents. Installing them is optional but highly recommended.

Go to the Word Processor Plugins page. Choose the most recent version of the plugins if you're installing Zotero for the first time.

Word for Mac/Windows users:

  • Close Word.
  • Click the link labeled "Install the Word for Windows Plugin" or "Install the Word for Mac Plugin."
  • When you see the message "Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install software on your computer," click Allow.
  • Click Allow and Install now.
  • Restart Firefox when prompted.
(If you're using Zotero Standalone, you don't need to install Word toolbars; they are included with Zotero Standalone.)

Don't have Microsoft Word?

The Zotero word processing plug-ins do not work on some popular word processing applications, such as Apple's Pages. If you are a Mac user with Pages installed on your device, but would like to use the Zotero word-processing plug-ins you can, as an LMU student, install Microsoft Word for free. Or you can install the free, open source word processor from LibreOffice on to your machine.