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Library help for Animation students and faculty

Most Useful Databases: Animation

Useful Places to Search: Animation

The databases listed below are the primary places to search for scholarly journal articles in Animation:

Useful Places to Search: Multiple Subjects / General Research

The databases listed below are excellent places to search for scholarly sources on topics that span multiple disciplines:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to link to LMU's resources from off campus:

When you search Google Scholar on the LMU campus, it knows that you are affiliated with LMU and provides links to LMU's subscriptions to journals and other resources. If you are not on the LMU campus, Google Scholar does not provide links to LMU's resources. You can configure your off-campus computer to link to these resources by going to Google Scholar Preferences, searching Library Links for Loyola Marymount, and selecting "Loyola Marymount University (Full-Text @ LMU Library)."

Looking for a Specific Journal?