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Government Documents

Using government documents--a guide

Spotlight California

The Official California Government YouTube Channel

Did you know California has a YouTube channel? [warning: video loads automatically] 

The State of California has a series of videos posted on YouTube, mainly on the various state agencies. 

YT logo

Reproduced from  Accessed April 21, 2009.


California Resources

California State Flag

Reproduced from Accessed April 21, 2009.

California government records and statistics are, for the most part, accessible from the official state of California website. Certain links are listed below in order to draw your attention to specific areas of interest.

California Public Records Searching covers a wide variety of topics of interest (including information on grants, lobbyists, bridges, and more) and is worth a first look.

The California Statistical Abstract, available from the California Department of Finance, includes a number of annual state statistics (available in PDF or Excel form).

The state also has a very interesting map resources page covering a variety of areas, including the state universities and California missions.

The California state symbols page covers information such as the state motto, flag, flower, and more.

Looking for California education statistics? There's an entire section dedicated to how students in California are faring.

The California Department of Public Health offers data and statistics on the public health of Californians.

Information on California Law

The California Legal Code is where to find California law (the Codes include most bills that have been passed by the legislature, signed by the Governor, and assigned a chapter number; at that point they are called statutes) and also includes the State Constitution.

The California Code of Regulations, the state version of the Code of Federal Regulations, consists of regulations that a particular state agency has formally adopted.  The Code of Regulations is divided into titles (currently there are 28).

Information on the current Legislature can be found here.  If you're looking for bills that are currently being considered in the Legislature, click here.

The University of California-Hasting's law school has information on California ballot propositions from 1911-2003. It also includes information on California ballot initiatives. For information on California ballot initiatives from 2004-present, the California Office of the Attorney General has a site.

California state flower, poppy

California State Flower (Poppy). Reproduced from Accessed April 21, 2009.