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Art History

A research guide for students in the field of Art History.

Chicago Manual of Style

Researchers in the field of Art History use the Chicago Manual of Style (Humanities).

Writing Assistance

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Citing Images

Oil painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Citation elements required for each object, listed in order
(include as many as are relevant to the work/are available):
1 Artist’s name
2 Object Name / Descriptive Title
3 Date
4 Medium / Material(s)
5 Dimensions
6 Provenance (specific place of origin, if known -- i.e. city in Italy)
7 Current location (museum, private collection, etc.)
8 Image source (formatted in Chicago Manual of Style)


Fig. 1. Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Vegetable Gardener, 1580's. Oil on panel, 35.8 x 24.2 cm, Museo Civico Ala Ponzone di Cremona. Reproduced from ArtStor, (accessed Febuary 22, 2009).

To cite your image in-text:

Reference illustrations with a parenthetical reference at the end of a sentence, including the abbreviation for figure in lowercase letters, as follows (fig. 1).

If you reproduce images from a print source then replace the "Reproduced from ArtStor" credit line at the end of the caption with a credit line for the book, with page number, as below.

Reproduced from Werner Kriegeskorte, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1527-1593 (Los Angeles: Taschen, 2004), 72.

(Originally adapted from CiteSource at Trinity College [no longer supported link], please refer the libguide from West Virginia University with similar information and this tip sheet from the Chicago Manual of Style of how the figures should look on your paper)