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Active Learning Activities for Online Information Literacy Tutorials

This guide contains a collection interactive learning activities than can be used within online information literacy tutorials. The activities are organized by ACRL's Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education.

The information literate student applies new and prior information to the planning and creation of a particular product or performance

Activity Ideas

  • Using Quotations

Provide an except of an essay as well as a quotation from an outside source and ask the learner to integrate the quote into the excerpt using drag and drop.

  • Organizing an Outline

Provide a thesis statement or research question as well as the outline for the paper in a mixed up order. Have the student put the outline in the correct order using drag and drop.

  • Quiz Idea

Provide a source and ask the student how they would record it in their notes using multiple choice. Provide meaningful feedback.

  • Annotated Note Taking

Provide a "piece of paper" with the various things the learner would need to write down about a source such as title, author, quotations, "my thoughts", etc. Then have the learner roll over those various elements to see what the actual notes would look like.

  • Paraphrasing

Give the learner a quotation from information source along with the bibliographic information for the quotation. Show the learner three different examples of how the quote was incorporated into a paper and ask them to identify which example was properly paraphrased. Provide meaningful feedback. 

  • Where Should the In-Text Citations Go? 

Provide the learner with a paragraph written by a "student." Ask the learner to click on the parts of the paragraph where an in-text citation is missing. be sure to tell the learner how many in-text citations are missing and provide meaningful feedback.

The information literate student revises the development process for the product or performance

Activity Example