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BCOR 3610: Managing People and Organizations

Welcome to BCOR 3610

Welcome to the comprehensive library guide tailored for BCOR 3610: Managing People & Organizations. This guide serves as a one-stop resource hub, offering a curated selection of scholarly databases, research tools, and credible online platforms to aid in your exploration of key concepts and case studies in the realm of organizational behavior and human resource management. Unlock a treasure trove of knowledge to enhance your understanding of team dynamics, leadership strategies, and organizational culture. Explore the latest industry insights and gain access to a multitude of research materials, ensuring a solid foundation for your academic success in managing and leading within diverse organizational contexts.

Managing People & Organizations is an integral part of the business curriculum, encompassing the study of effective leadership, team dynamics, and the intricacies of organizational behavior. Students delve into the art of cultivating a productive and positive work environment, understanding the nuances of employee motivation, conflict resolution, and organizational culture.

Databases Covered in Today's Presentation

Personal Compensation Analysis

Compensation is an important factor when making a career decision.

  • Contemplate your minimum salary (what is the lowest you can live with?) and ideal salary. 

  • Factors to consider when evaluating compensation: job title, career field, location, experience, education, and special skills

  • Keep in mind financial and non-financial benefits

Follow these steps to help you research your salary needs:

Step 1: Locate Wage Information

Step 2: Conduct a Salary Comparison

Step 3: Identify Your Gross Pay and Cost of Living

Step 4: Locate Relevant Articles

Step 5: Identify Your Potential Benefits

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