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Faculty Resources for Rhetorical Arts

Reference & Instruction Librarian for Education

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Elisa Slater Acosta
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Subjects: Education

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Update -  September is booked. We still have plenty of dates in October & November.



Click on the Request Library Instruction link above.

  1. Click the "Go To Date" button, and choose your desired date for library instruction. Choose a date between September 5 - November 17, 2023. 
  2. Click on the time slot (blue = available, red = unavailable). If you teach 2-3 classes, you can choose 2-3 time slots and submit one reservation for all of your classes. Then click on the "Submit Times" button below.
  3. Fill in the form and click on the "Submit my Booking" button.


A librarian will contact you about a week before your class visit to discuss your library instruction session in more detail.


Questions? Contact:

Samantha Blanco, Reference and Instruction Assistant, at 

Elisa Acosta, Liaison Librarian for Rhetorical Arts, at

When Should I Request Library Instruction?

If you are following the Common Syllabus then the best time to request library instruction is sometime during week 2-10.  Library instruction usually takes a whole class period (50-60 minutes depending on the length of your class).

Why do I have to bring my class to the library for instruction?

Short Answer:  It's required!

Long Answer:  The course criteria for Rhetorical Arts was voted on and approved by LMU faculty.  The course criteria for Rhetorical Arts states, "Assign at least 10% of the final course grade on the basis of information literacy with a librarian-led workshop and one or more course-integrated assignments."

Rhetorical Arts Criteria 2012    


Questions? Comments? Contact:

Elisa Acosta, Reference & Instruction Librarian for Education (and current Liaison to the Rhetorical Arts Program) at

Samantha Blanco, Reference Assistant, at