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Faculty Resources for Rhetorical Arts

New Instructor Orientation

Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Information Literacy Course Criteria for Rhetorical Arts

The Rhetorical Arts course fosters articulate expression, critical thinking, and moral reflection, enabling students to engage in written and oral public debate with persuasive force and stylistic excellence.

  • First Year Requirement
  • Continue to develop the critical thinking, information literacy, and research skills begun in the First year Seminar.
  • Assign at least 10% of the final course grade on the basis of information literacy, with a librarian-led workshop and one or more course-integrated assignments
  • Information Literacy Outcomes:
    • Conceptualize an effective research strategy and then collect, interpret, evaluate and cite in written and oral communication
    • Distinguish between types of information resources and how these resources meet the needs of different levels of scholarship and different academic disciplines

                                                                                                                                     from Rhetorical Arts Criteria 2012

Assessment of Rhetorical Arts Information Literacy


The Library taught required in-person information literacy sessions to 100% of all eighty-four Rhetorical Arts sections. 1,595 students received information literacy instruction in their Rhetorical Arts course.

The Library also surveyed all Rhetorical Arts instructors who taught a RHET 1000 course in the fall in order to assess the library instruction and library support materials for the course. Twenty Rhetorical Arts instructors participated in this survey. 89% of respondents encouraged their students to use the RHET 1000 LibGuide (research guide) to help with information literacy assignments, and 83% agreed that the information on the LibGuide was helpful for completing course assignments. 100% of the respondents agreed the process for scheduling a library visit was clear, and 89% thought the library instruction was at least somewhat valuable in helping students complete course assignments. 33% want more emphasis placed on citing sources during the library visit.