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This Guide was created as a joint project of the Academic Resource Center and the William H. Hannon Library.

Welcome to the ARC!

This guide was created by the Academic Resource Center to help LMU students and faculty have a centralized location for writing resources.  


In this guide, you'll find resources to help you become a better writer. Under General Writing, there are materials for brainstorming, outlining, revising, etc.  Style and Grammar has helpful guides and activities to practice what you've learned.  Using and Citing Sources is broken down by MLA, APA, and Chicago documentation styles.  Writing in the Disciplines discusses course specific writing conventions.  Finally, Meet with a Tutor will take you to the ARC's homepage where you'll be able to make an appointment for help on your papers.

As with everything in writing, this LibGuide is a work in progress.  Keep your eye out for updates and upcoming workshops!

Writing Workshops offered in WHH 117

Academic Resource Center: Writing Support Flyer S '16

Any current LMU student can attend our writing workshops!  

All Workshops are held in WHH 117.

Call the ARC 310-338-2847 to reserve a seat. 

Researching Tools     Tues. 2/9 – 7:00

How do you tell an editorial from a blog from a scholarly article online? This workshop helps you lo-cate and identify sources from LMU’s databases to Google Scholar.

Summarizing     Wed. 2/10 –6:00

Writing with authority includes being able to represent fairly and succinctly the main ideas of other authors. This workshop teaches you how to write a good summary for an annotated bibliography.

Formulating a Thesis     Mon. 2/15 – 7:00     Tues. 2/16 – 6:00

Writing a good thesis is key to a successful paper. This workshop explains how to move from formulating a question about your topic to providing the claim and reasons for your thesis.

Quoting and Paraphrasing     Mon. 2/22 –6:00

Don’t get caught dropping quotes or plagiarizing unintentionally. Learn how to seamlessly and correctly integrate outside sources into your papers.

Argument Essay     Wed. 2/24 – 5:00

Take a stand and support what you say. Learn the essentials of argumentative writing.

Citing Sources with MLA     Tues. 3/8 – 5:00

Citing Sources with APA     Tues. 3/8 – 7:00

Organizing the Chaos     Wed. 3/9 – 7:00

Are you overwhelmed with the research paper? Learn how to organize your materials to help you cope with the chaos.  Developing a detailed outline at the start reduces frantic late nights at the end.

Write like a Philosopher     Mon. 3/14 – 7:00

Demystify your philosophy writing assignments. Come to this workshop and learn the special features of writing an argument, from formulating a thesis to providing logical evidence. 

Writing in History     Tues. 3/15 – 5:00

Learn the conventions and expectations necessary for quality historical research and writing.

Citing Sources with Chicago Style     Tues. 3/15 – 6:00

Does My Paper Flow?     Tues. 3/29 – 5:00

Learn strategies for coherence by putting in order a scrambled essay.  Analyze the logical order and utilize lexical tips such as transitions and pronouns to unscramble the essay.

 Organizing the Chaos     Tues. 3/29 –7:00

 Does My Paper Flow?     Mon. 4/4 – 6:00

 Citing Sources with APA     Tues. 4/5 – 6:00

 Principles of Style     Mon. 4/11 – 5:00     Tues. 4/12 – 6:00     Wed. 4/13 – 5:00

Fine-tune your writing by improving its style. Learn how to cut the fluff, write clearly, add punch to your sentences, and other elements of style. Turn your papers from good to extraordinary.

Upcoming Events

Writing Support

Visit a writing tutor at the ARC in Daum Hall or

William H. Hannon Library Room 117

Daum Hall: M-Th 9am-6pm, F 9am-4pm

Library: M-W 8-10pm

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