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WGST 4001 : Zotero

This course guide is for WGST 4001 courses using Zotero.

Welcome! Let's Talk About Citation

  1. What is citation?

  2. How does the act of citation impact research? 

  3. Is the act of citation a political one? Why or why not?

Take 5 minutes to draw, write, or illustrate. We will then share our findings with a buddy.


Take a look at these resources:

What is Zotero?

Zotero is a free software and cloud-based tool that stores, organizes, and shares resources. Zotero takes all kinds of items including:

  • scholarly articles
  • encyclopedia entries
  • books
  • images
  • snapshots of websites
  • documents (Word docs, PDFs, etc.)
  • audio and video files

Why Bother With Zotero?

While researching, it can be hard to organize your materials. Zotero lets you start building your own research library, categories, tag, and make notes on items you may want to use, then export and cite them in your paper or projects.