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FFYS 1000.28 : Feminist Science Studies

This guide is for FFYS 1000.28 with Dr. Mairead Sullivan.


This course guide is to help you completed your journal entries for FFYS 1000-37 for Spring 2018. It will include news sources in the library, on the web, and how to evaluate those sources for your assignment. 

Consider these resources to help you get started:

What is News?

There is a lot of information out there called news. Generally, journalists, networks, and other staff can agree that news is

  • never unbiased
  • tells a story with supported sources
  • not exact reality
  • is culturally situated
  • can take many physical forms (print, radio, web) and channels (podcasts, TV, blogs)

News may also be (from Center for News Literacy): 

  • something new that no one knows about yet (aka a scoop or exclusive)
  • selective. Only important figures or celebrities get big stories
  • what an editor thinks is worth prioritizing
  • what society is talking about
  • what powerful people don't what you to know