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Be Prepared 2019: Emergency Planning Brown Bag

This is the LibGuide for the 2019 Emergency Team Brown Bag presentation.


There is no perfect Emergency Kit list so your kit should be customized to your family's unique situations and needs. However all major emergency response agencies suggest the bare minimum: 

  • Water (1 gallon per person, 3 day supply min)
  • Food (3 day supply min)
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Battery or crank powered radio 
  • Battery or crank powered flashlight
  • Can Opener 
  • Wrench to shut off utilities (if living in a house)
  • Cash/coins
  • Print copies of important documents
  • Sanitation/hygiene supplies (toilet paper, tampons etc)
  • Blanket/sleeping bag
  • hard soled shoes

Basic Emergency Kit Checklist


First Aid Kit


Food/Water/Cooking Basics 

Advanced Emergency Kit Supplies