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POLS 3998-01: Zotero

This guide will help Prof. Kramer's Fall 2019 POLS 3998-01 course learn Zotero.

Import Activity: Add an Item to Zotero

Activity: Importing To Zotero

Let’s practice using Zotero!

Import an article, book, webpage, or video to your library from any two of the following:

Bonus: Add a PDF attachment to an imported article or make sure you have the full text.

Hint: You can download the pdf or add a permalink

Adding items to your Zotero library: Browser Extensions

Option One: Import an item using the Zotero browser plugin/extension


Adding items to your Zotero library: Importing RIS Files

Option One: Import an item using a RIS file

  • Pros: Most databases have RIS under Export or Save, gives you options on what metadata to import (abstracts, citations only, etc.)
  • Cons: Extra step with downloading the file and opening/importing to Zotero, hard to keep track of what has been added already
  • How To:
    • Find article, book, or item in database
    • Located RIS file option (usually on right or left hand side of webpage under "Export" or "Save" options)
    • Download RIS file to desktop folder
    • Go to Zotero Desktop/Standalone application and import file from folder
    • Bonus: Set Zotero as default program for all RIS file types: Windows, Mac



Adding items to your Zotero library: Custom Items

Option One: Create a custom item in Zotero

  • Pros: Change any information you want about the item, import unique items like artwork, forum posts, etc.
  • Cons: Takes more time to edit, possible mistakes when exporting to bibliography
  • How To:
    • Find item and decide what fields need to be added to library (author, title, journal name, etc.)
    • Go to Zotero Desktop/Standalone > click Import icon import icon in Zotero standalone
    • Choose related item type
    • Enter information in metadata fields (author, title, journal name, etc.)
    • Press "Enter" or "Return" key when done editing fields