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Information Literacy Flag (2013-2022)

Guidelines for Designing Information Literacy Assignments




CORA (Community of Online Research Assignments) is a pilot open access educational resource developed for faculty and librarians in higher education. It aspires to become a repository of user- contributed research and information literacy assignments.

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography: Develop and refine a topic; search for, evaluate, and summarize relevant literature; and cite sources in the proper format.


Journal/Blog: Describe the process of looking for scholarly information on an assigned topic: what steps were taken, what worked and didn’t work, and the criteria used to evaluate the information.

Integrating Primary Sources

Activity Ideas for Archives/Primary Sources

Source Evaluation

Source Evaluation: Retrieve and compare two sources of information on the same topic. examples:



Web Evaluation

Web Evaluation: Find a Wikipedia article that has incorrect or poorly documented information and improve it by incorporating and citing scholarly sources.