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How to Use OneSearch+

FAQ and help for OneSearch+

Basic Search Step 1

Step 1: Enter in your search phrase. 

OneSearch+ search box with "St. Ignatius of Loyola" as the search terms

Basic Search has three options to choose from.

  • Keyword: Mythology and literature, Cosmology
  • Title: Hero of a Thousand Faces, A Brief History of Time
  • Author: Joseph Campbell, Stephen Hawking

Basic Search Step 2

Step 2: View your results.

search results showing a book entitled "Ignatius: Sharing the Pilgrim Story"

Your results can be a combination of items from our catalog and collections as well as articles from our research databases.  An item from our library catalog will have a call number listed, along with its availability and location in the library. In this example, this book is located in the Main Stacks on the 2nd floor.

search result from OneSearch+, showing a academic journal article

There are several ways to view articles in Onesearch. Not all records have all of the options shown above but here's what each one means.

View record from ____: This means the article can be viewed from the interface of the original database it was pulled from, in this case, "ISI Web of Science". This option takes you away from Onesearch.

HTML full text: The article can be viewed as a HTML webpage.

PDF Full Text: A PDF of the article should launch directly form Onesearch+

Search for Full Text: Clicking this will allow you to search outside of the Onesearch+ interface for the article. It will also allow you to access Interlibrary loan.

Basic Search Step 3

Step 3: Revise your search if necessary.

  You can filter your search results on the left hand side of the page. 

   Limit to:

         LMU catalog only 

         Full Text

         Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals

 Or change the publication date range.  You can also limit by source (books, magazines, journal   articles etc).

  For even more options, click on "Show More >>".  Experiment with all the options on the left sidebar to discover the full capacity of Onesearch+!        


Basic Search Step 4

Step 4: email, print, save a record!
You can email, print or save an individual record by going into the full record page (hint: click the title of the book or article) and looking on the right side of the page.

You can also create an account with EBSCO that will allow you to save searches and invidiual records within ANY of EBSCO's databases, including Onesearch+! For more information, click here (link forthcoming).