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Information Literacy in the Core Workshop for Faculty

Assessment Resources

Possible Criteria for Evaluating Student Research

Standard 1 (Information Need)

  • Research Question:  sufficiently narrow
  • Identifies key themes in research question
  • Identifies a variety of types and formats of potential information

Standard 2 (Access)

  • Uses appropriate search strategy 
  • Selects appropriate search tools
  • Uses a variety of resources
  • Currency of resources (if applicable)
  • Extracts and records the information

Standard 3 (Evaluate)

  • Relevancy of resources
  • Authority of resources
  • Identified author's purpose and POV (and compared/contrasted multiple POV's)
  • Identified false statements/claims
  • Identified bias
  • Summarized and synthesized the main ideas

Standard 4 (Use)

  • Clarity of argument
  • Integrates work of others into their own
  • Presentation of data
  • Communicates and organizes information from sources

Standard 5 (Ethics)

  • Accurate and consistent citations and referencing
  • Uses information in ways that are true to original context