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LibGuides Tips and Tricks: Thinking Outside the Box

This guide was created for a LILAC 2012 workshop on April 11th being led by Eleonora Dubicki, Susan Gardner & Louise Gordon.

Where Are You From? LILAC Delegates Map

Instructions: Adding Your Hometown to the Map

  1. Click on the View Where Are You From? LILAC Delegate Map link at the bottom of the Google Map or directly.
  2. Log in using either your personal Gmail account, or the conference login:  email:  lilacworkshop   password:  lilac2012
  3. Search for your hometown in the Google Maps search box.
  4. Click on the "Save to Map" link to save the location to the Google Map.  Then select the "Where Are You From?" map and click on "save."

  5.   Return to the Google Maps section of the LibGuide to see your selection on the map.