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Annotated Bibliography: How to Create One

A series of steps and advice in creating an Annotated Bibliography

Citation Styles

Note: Your instructor may direct you to use a format not included here, or may direct you to use a variation of one of these formats. Be sure to make yourself aware of each instructor's preference, and be consistent within your paper.


The Chicago Manual of Style is used in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Most of the theolgy faculty prefer this style.


The Modern Language Association style is used in the fields of language and literature.


The American Psychological Association style is used in the social sciences, business, anthropology, and some of the life sciences.


Citation Helps

Major style guides in the library

Specialized Guides: Examples

Writing Help!

The Academic Resource Center (The ARC) is a place to get help with your writing and your citation concerns.  The link below is to a whole LibGuide dedicated to answering your questions about writing and citation for different disciplines.  The ARC is also the place you can get  individual tutoring in almost any class you're taking, as well as connect to scheduled drop-in sessions for writing and other disciplines... like Math!

Click below for the Writing LibGuide.

More Citation Help

For MLA, Chicago, and APA: More detail, more examples, more styles... from the ARC/Library Writing LibGuide

Turabian Manual

Turabian is a less complex version of Chicago Style, useful for undergraduate students.  Some profs, especially in the humanities, encourage its use as an alternate mode of Chicago.