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Feel Good Finals

Resources for de-stressing during Finals Week

Tips for Self-care during Finals Week

It's necessary to take care of yourself in order to deal with daily stress and challenges of the end of the semester finals. According to an article posted on Very Well Mind, many people see self-care as a "luxury." It shouldn't be! Remember to take care of yourself during these stressful times. So, here are a few tips.



  • Getting enough sleep
  • Taking care of your physical health: Listen to your body!
  • Eating enough and eating right
  • Stay hydrated: Drink some water
  • Getting up and moving: According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, a 10-minute walk may relieve as much stress as 45-minutes of rigorous exercise. A walk may also help you clear your mind and refocus so that you can get a fresh look at the topic at hand.


  • Call or FaceTime a friend or loved one to check in and see how they're doing
  • Hug a loved one or a pet (if you have one), but also respect their boundaries
  • If meeting up in-person, follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask


  • Do activities that stimulate your brain (e.g. crossword puzzles, reading, games)
  • Enjoy something that inspires you
  • Limit your social media time and news exposure
  • Laughter is often good medicine


  • Pray or meditate
  • Connect with nature: Spend a few minutes outdoors
  • Do yoga or stretches
  • Practice self-compassion, kindness and gratitude


  • Set healthy boundaries for yourself: Boundaries can provide healthy rules for navigating relationships, intimate or professional
  • Say kind and gentle things to yourself and engage in compassionate acts of self-care
  • Find healthy outlets to express your emotions (e.g. art, music, writing, sports)
  • Talk to a trusted friend or loved one with how you feel, or talk to a therapist


  • Declutter one small space at a time. A tidy mind is an efficient mind!
  • Create and manage a budget to reduce financial stress
  • Give yourself enough time to complete tasks and assignments

Finals: Tips for Academic Success

According to research conducted by Earl Turner, a professor of psychology from Pepperdine University, 87% of Generation Z college students are seriously stressed out by school. Here are some tips for academic success during finals.

  1. Create a study schedule for yourself. Have an idea of what subject you want to study, how long you'll study for and which material is most important for the exam. Prioritize which exams you think will be more difficult and note others that may be easier to study for.
    1. Organize your study space
    2. Start studying early and avoid cramming
    3. Spread out your studying
    4. Create your own sample test questions
    5. If you need a space to study, reserve a study room at the library
  2. Use the library’s resources
    1. Research databases for journal articles
    2. Subject LibGuides
    3. Get help from a librarian
  3. Use LMU's Academic Resource Center for tutoring, writing support and more
  4. Talk to your professor
  5. Avoid the urge to procrastinate. Minimize distractions.
  6. Music matters! According to research from the Duke Cancer Institute, classical music can also lessen anxiety. Music places students in a heightened emotional state that makes them far more receptive to information than they would be under ordinary circumstances. Experts at the Duke Cancer Institute also believe that music boosts retention because it reduces anxiety. Try classical music: KUSC - 91.5 FM
  7. Ditch distracting devices. We know it is tough, but research suggests that the mere presence of a smartphone is enough to prevent most people from learning effectively—even when showing restraint and managing to avoid scrolling through notifications. Maybe set a rule that you can only open those apps at a certain time of day and for a short, designated time. 
  8. Distractions can be people too!  Remove them politely by letting them know you need space to complete your work.
  9. Give yourself small rewards on task completion.
  10. Close your browser and get to work!