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What is Link Rot?

Link rot is a phenomenon in which users will find broken links caused by content being relocated or removed from its original online address. According to, roughly 70% of cited links in academic legal journals and 20% of all science, technology and medicine articles suffer from link rot.

What is is a service created by the Harvard Library Innovation Lab that helps prevent link rot. This service allows you to archive web content by capturing an image of website and generating a URL. If an online source you cite is ever edited or taken down, readers of your publication can refer back to the site as you saw it.


This is an example of a link of the homepage on November 18, 2015. Click on the "View the live page" link to compare with today's homepage.

How to Create a Perma Link

Step 1: Email to request an account.
Step 2: Log in to your account
Step 3: Paste or type the URL of the page you want to preserve
Step 4: Select the appropriate organization or folder to save your link to
Step 5: Click the "Create Perma Link" button

Download Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

Basic Instructions: 

  • You can create Perma links using Chrome or Firefox extensions.
  • Go to the Browser Extensions page.
  • Install the appropriate extensions for your preferred brower/s.