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MUSC 318: Music History 1820 to Present

A continuation of the historical survey of Western music traditions from the beginnings of Romanticism through the milieu of twentieth-century music, concluding with current practices and trends.

Welcome to the MUSC 318 LibGuide

This guide is for students taking Music History: 1820 to Present (MUSC 318) with Dr. Virginia Saya.  Coursework for MUSC 318 includes research components and a 12-16 page research paper.

This guide is meant to help students deal with the various aspects of music research.  Remember that Reference librarians are here to help with your research, and are available in a number of ways, including one-on-one research appointments.  See the box at the left for ways to get research help; or use the chat box to the right to ask a question right now; or click on the Help tab above for both immediate help and a form for requesting an appointment with a Reference librarian.

Be sure to read about the Undergraduate Library Research Award and consider submitting your paper