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Managing Yourself

What You Need for the Library Session

Session Outcomes - During the library session for MGMT 2600, we will:

  1. Find at least one professional organization that pertains to your career goal and its membership requirements and prices.
  2. Find at least one additional substantial research source to learn about your career.

Find a Professional Association

What is a professional association?

A professional organization exists to advance a particular profession, support the interests of people working in that profession and serve the public good. It facilitates innovation, communication and connection. A professional organization typically requires member dues, has an elected leadership body and includes a range of subcommittees or functional areas. Professional organizations can be both national or international.

What are the benefits of professional associations?

  • Professional growth and development
  • Access to resources and events
  • Resume building
  • Networking and job searching
  • Peer support

How do I select a professional association?

  • Determine your career goals
  • Research your company and the larger industry
  • Consider any necessary requirements
  • Compare organization benefits

Research tips:

  • Take a deep dive on the professional association’s website
  • Look for student chapters and/or local chapters
  • Look for freely available career resources and/or other publications

Break Out #1

Take 10 minutes to find your professional association. Gather the following information:

  • Name of professional association and website
  • Membership requirements and prices (Look for student membership and prices)
  • What would be the benefit of the professional association to your career goals?

Additional Research - Career Profile

Use these sources for general career exploration:

Break Out #2

Take 10 minutes to find your career profile. Gather the following:

  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to your career

Additional Research - Articles

Break Out #3

Take 10 minutes to run a search on your career or management topic in OneSearch+.