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Curriculum Materials Collection

Children's Books in the LMU Library

Curriculum Materials Collection

Welcome! This guide was created to assist those who are searching for children's books in the CMC.

Hannon Library
Second floor
Loyola Marymount University
Loan Period

Three weeks with one renewal


Second floor, to the right of the Tech on 2 Desk (towards the restrooms)

Searching the CMC

For a complete list of all the books in the CMC, click here.

Mission of the CMC

The Curriculum Materials Collection (CMC) of the William H. Hannon Library supports the students and faculty of the LMU School of Education, specifically methods and practicum courses, as well as children’s and young adult literature courses taught at LMU. The CMC also serves as a supplementary resource of non-circulating materials to local schools, particularly Catholic schools in the Los Angeles area.

Objectives and Scope of the CMC

The CMC supports teaching in the School of Education; priority is given to materials that most directly support course work preparing students to meet requirements of education degrees and credentialing programs. Other materials in the field of education are housed in other areas of the library; CMC materials are those most essential for practitioner-orientated teacher education. The collection also supports early literacy development and curriculum for educators, students and families at the Loyola Marymount University Children's Center. 


The CMC consists of two main components:

  • Children’s Fiction Literature 
  • Children's Non Fiction Literature