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Poetry: An Introductory Guide: Home

An aid to students learning about and writing about poetry

Library Resources for Poetry

Welcome! This guide was created to help LMU students find and use library resources for poetry. It is a work in progress, so all feedback, questions, or suggestions are encouraged. Please leave a comment anywhere on the guide.

Book Cover  The Deserted Village

Oliver Goldsmith. The Poems of Oliver Goldsmith. London: Routledge and Co., 1859.
From the Daniel T. Mitchell Collection

Archives & Special Collections
, LMU Library.

Literary Criticism

The art or science of literary criticism is devoted to the comparison and analysis, to the interpretation and evaluation of works of literature.

"Criticism." A Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory.  Ed. J.A. Cuddon.  4th ed.  Oxford ; Malden, Mass.: Blackwell, 1998.