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WHH Library Grievance Procedures

The WHH Library follows university policy which states initial complaints should be brought to the attention of one's immediate supervisor (or their supervisor if the complaint involves the immediate supervisor).  If the issue remains unresolved, then see LMU's Open Door Policy for further direction.

Questions and Comments


Addressed on: July 13, 2020 


Most of what I've seen out of the task force is modifications for normalcy. What is the "library plan" if there is a 20% reduction of staff, a 50% reduction of staff, or a 70% reduction of staff during fall semester? What library services are we going to cut back on first? What are the essential library services? A large number of staff could be out at any one time due to sick days, vacation days, "leave of absence", caregiving emergencies, quarantine, etc. What happens if a whole department is gone? Big Picture - What are the essential library services? 


We recently received this message with a number of questions about issues related to returning to work and the possibility that we will be operating with reduced staff due to COVID-19. It asks the fundamental questions: What are essential services? The two task forces within the library, Staff Return to Work (SRTF) and Re-Opening the WHHL (ROW-TF) are asking these questions and determining how we would continue to perform these functions with reduced staff.  We are focusing on work that must be performed in the library, but we are also considering essential functions performed remotely.  Part of this planning will include each department and work unit identifying essential functions and a plan for redundancy and cross-training.  If only one person or one department is performing an essential function, we will need back up individuals and departments/units.  This is part of our planning for August through December -- and maybe beyond. 


Please refer to the Fall 2020 Plans section of our COVID-19 Library Resources LibGuide for a summary of recommendations. 


Addressed on: May 22, 2020

In considering the reopening of the library and staff coming back to work, I believe that (in addition to the rules outlined by the state, city, LMU, and, science) we need to engage in a trauma informed framework. A trauma informed framework promotes healing and attempts to reduce stress. For example, staff should be able to provide feedback on physical safety rules before returning to work.

These issues should be addressed first at the university level. Much of what we implement in the library with regard to returning to work will be based upon campus-level decision making. The Staff Return Task Force will consider this approach and they will definitely gather feedback from library staff. Guidelines will be in place before ‚Äčthe campus reopens to staff.  At this point, no one who has concerns has been asked to return to working in the library.  


Will staff have the opportunity to continue to work from home if they co-habitat with immunocompromised and high risk individuals?

We have been advised that decisions about who may continue working from home once the campus has been reopened will be handled through the Americans With Disabilities process.  Working from home for a period of time will be treated as an accommodation.  HR will be providing guidance in this process and they will be making the decisions.   


Is FM using the right type of ventilation filters in the library and other buildings on campus? Will filters be changed more often?

The university has not addressed this issue. Once we have more information, we will share it with library staff.


What if I cannot buy enough PPE to come back to work? Hand sanitizer is still scarce. Will these items be available to buy on campus or provided by the university? 

It is not your responsibility to provide your own PPE. Our hope is that the university will be able to provide them to staff. (And if not, we’ll take care of this at the library level.)


How will we keep high touch surfaces clean like the water coolers? I have comorbidity issues and I am concerned about minimizing risk. 

This is something that FM will need to address.


 What will social distancing look like at the library? 

Both the Staff Return Task Force and the Reopening the WHHL Task Force will look at this topic when coming up with guidelines.


Addressed on: May 4, 2020

I’m worried about social distancing when the library opens. Will the public service desks have plexiglass shields, like the ones that protect grocery store cashiers? Most library staff/user interactions violate the 6 feet rule. Typically, everyone is about 2-3 feet apart. When working at a public service desk, all staff share the same phone, keyboard, mouse, chair, desk, etc.

All of the issues that you raised will be addressed in our plans to gradually bring people back into the library. We will be creating two task force groups that will help create guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and users. One group will focus on bringing staff back into the building. The other group will focus on reopening the library to the public.Once these library guidelines are finalized, they will be shared with the library staff.

Can the Q&A be viewed? If so, where?

Questions that come through the Wufoo form are shared with Management Council, Rose, and Kathryn. Once answers are finalized, they will be posted in the Library Staff LibGuide. Staff will be notified via Slack when the LibGuide is updated with new Q&As.