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Theological Studies


Modern English translations of the Bible

Call numbers: BS 185 - BS 198

1st floor Reference Section & 2nd floor Main Stacks

Note:  Nearly all the of the modern versions you would want to consult are in this call number range.  If you are looking for a specific version, use the link below to start a search in LINUS, the library catalog.

Recommended bible editions for academic study (with scholarly notes) include:


For other dictionaries, grammars, and other language learning resources for Biblical Hebrew and Greek, go to:

Background Information


Print Reference


Core Online Commentary

Core Commentary Series:

Below are some standard commentary series that can serve as good starting points for your research.

Concordances & Synopsis

Concordances allow you to find other places where a particular word or phrase occurs in the Hebrew Bible and/or New Testament. A gospel synopsis identifies where the same or similar stories occur in the 4 New Testament gospels.

Journal Articles

These databases are the best for doing research on topic related to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and New Testament.