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BCOR 3860: International Business

Guide to resources for students in BCOR 3860: International Business

The ABC's of Evaluating Business Sources

The ABCs can help you evaluate information sources for credibility. As you find sources, ask yourself the following questions:



  • Is the author name clearly visible?
  • What are the author’s credentials (e.g., qualifications, education, employment, experience in industry)?
  • Is the sponsor's (individual or organization) web address well-known and reputable?


  • Is the information well-written and without spelling/grammar errors?
  • Are there citations or links to show where the information comes from?
  • Can the information be verified by other sources? Are other sources citing this source?
  • Has the content been through an editing/publication process?
  • Are the research methodologies clearly explained?


  • Is the information presented in an objective manner? Does the author make it clear when they are expressing opinions?
  • What is the purpose of the source? To persuade? To inform? To entertain? To market a product or service?
  • Are other points of view explored or expressed? 



  • When was this information published or last updated?
  • Is this the most up-to-date information?

*Adapted from the ABCs of Determining Credible Sources by Upstate University of South Carolina Library.